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Steven Bucci, Ph.D.
June 15, 2017
Independent Consultant and Visiting Research Fellow for Special Operations and Counter Terrorism at The Heritage Foundation

NIMBUS - An Existing Technology with a New Twist Shows Incredible Promise

Today we have access to more information than at any other time in human history. Frankly, we
can be overwhelmed the massive amounts of information and data flying at us in a nearly
continual stream. How can we harness crucial information and actually use it effectively? What
if one base technology could help give us critical information in multiple areas? There is one
available today.

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The areas in question are extreme weather, enemy drones, and what the military would call
tactical level indirect fires; the ubiquitous mortars and rockets that are used by so many
opponents and potential opponents of the U.S. sounds like three very different problem sets.
Interestingly, they have common links that can be explained, and should be exploited.
Some of you are saying: “OK, I’ll bite. What do weather, drones and mortars have in common?”
Without going into a ton of heavy science that underlies this surprisingly simple solution, it is
low-frequency magnetic fields (LMF). An already proven technology exits that uses the LMF
produced by lightening to allow the operators of a handheld device to determine the location of
dangerous ground strikes. Whether you are a little league baseball coach worrying about your
team on a ball field on a darkening summer afternoon, or a mayor of a small town in the
lightening strike prone center of Florida, this affordable and accurate method gives you a heads
up before the bolt from the sky hits.
This same base technology can now be “tuned” to read the LMF signatures of an approaching
hurricane threatening landfall in the Gulf of Mexico, a killer tornado in the center of the country
or for other forms of extreme weather. The same tech can be adjusted to detect inbound hostile
drones that are well below the size that is recognizable by conventional radar systems;
specifically the sort of hand launched “model airplane” sized ones that are now a challenge to
our troops fighting ISIS in the Iraq/Syria theater and about which domestic commercial entities
like power plants and chemical production facilities are very concerned. It can finally be utilized
to determine the firing and trajectory of tactical mortars and rockets that bedevil every Army and
Marine Corps small unit leader worried about the safety of their troops in combat situations
around the world.
All this may sound too good to be true, but it is real. In third-world countries the effects of a
large storm can change the face of society for decades. The effect of the earthquake in Japan that
wrecked the nuclear plant will be felt for generations. Hurricane Katrina changed the city of New
Orleans forever. In each case, the forces of nature couldn’t be stopped, but information provided
in the form of a warning could have drastically changed the final effects. Providing this warning
by efficiently extracting the information that nature is whispering on low-frequency magnetic
fields is the purpose of the NIMBUS technology being developed by Entropy Technology
Design, Inc. near Orlando, the lightning capitol of the U.S. The insights gained by this approach
have the potential to change the way the world reacts to almost every form of natural disaster.
As you would expect, different events in nature produce different magnetic signatures. Since
many natural events are complicated and rapidly changing, their signatures can shift in frequency
and form as they evolve in real-time. Weather events such as thunderstorms are near-chaotic
systems that shift and evolve by the second over the course of their formation on time-scales that
vary according to their lifetimes in the real world. A thunderstorm is a real-world event with a
lifetime measured in hours. A tornado is a subset of that event with a lifetime measured in
minutes. A single lightning stroke has a lifetime measured in milliseconds. And all of these
events in nature transmit critical information about their formation on the magnetic spectrum. On
a larger scale, events such as solar storms and earthquakes live in timeframes much longer, and
so the corresponding magnetic signatures are typically of different frequencies and duration. But
they are there, and are best detected and analyzed using extremely local data that is then
integrated on a larger scale in the real world. This is science that is already working, not some
pie in the sky “concept”, it is just waiting to be tuned and applied.
If it went no further than this, it would a major disruptor of the normal threats facing our
communities and the leaders responsible for them, but there is more. Everyone thinks of drones
as a U.S. “Big Military” asset that is only weaponized by America and our closest allies.
Unfortunately that is no longer true. Other countries and even non-state actors like terror groups
overseas and at home need only look at Amazon’s efforts to use drones to deliver books,
birthday gifts, even pizza to realize they can use them to attack targets, both people and facilities.
ISIS is already doing this. I recently gave a presentation to a large audience of international
business leaders detailing the threat to their operations presented by small remotely piloted
aircraft. At the time I had no real solution to offer other than humans with binoculars. Given the
small size of these devices makes them nearly invisible to the eye until it is too late to react, this
was cold comfort to those leaders. These were men and women who have invested millions of
dollars in facilities, and the means to protect them, only to face the possibility of an intruder
flying a drone right over their expensive security preparations to do damage of incalculable
magnitude. NIMBUS technology can provide detection miles from the target.
Having been a military commander, the idea that someone could shoot a mortar, one of the most
simple and effective weapons in the world, a technology that is found in essentially every
military or paramilitary organization on the planet, drove me crazy. A mortar (and its cousin the
tactical rocket) fires from beyond the line of sight of the good guys, goes high, in an arched
trajectory, and then lands lethally “near” them spewing shrapnel and death all around it. The
rounds fly quietly until their deadly landing. The best mitigator of their effect is a little bit of
warning so the intended targets can get on the ground and minimize the effects of the blast.
Again, this technology can provide that warning, allowing evasive action.
What does this mean? What is the bottom line?
Utilizing the NIMBUS devices with the tuning now calculated, Communities can have
affordable extreme weather detection in the hands of the local first responders in time to actually
do something to protect their citizens. Businesses can get the same weather related benefits, and
additionally achieve drone awareness / detection that can be used by already exiting security
personnel with a minimum of added training, and next to no new infrastructure that can be
tailored to the threat profile of the facility. Lastly, the military / government can get all of the
above plus an ability to have every Soldier / Marine carry a chip in their uniforms that
continuously provides enough warning so that they never need to be hit by a mortar round again
while standing upright. This will not eliminate all casualties from indirect fire attacks, but would
go a long way towards reducing both their number and severity.
The bottom line is that NIMBUS, tuned to the frequencies of the threats facing each different
user base would put radically improved protection / preparation ability in the hands of those that
need it. It would do it BOTH more effectively and exponentially less expensively that any
existing technology available. When something new can do “it” better, or cheaper, that is good.
When that new thing can improve in both ways, it is exceptional.
For more information about NIMBUS and the company behind the technology visit
www.nimbus4.com or contact Entropy Technology Design, Inc. CEO, Tami Fitzpatrick at
About the Author:
Dr. Steven P. Bucci Visiting Fellow in Spec Ops & HLS for The Heritage Foundation and
Independent Security Consultant who served America for three decades as an Army Special
Forces officer and top Pentagon official. Bucci’s research and writing at Heritage have focused
on cyber security, special operations and defense support to civil authorities, particularly disaster
management. Bucci previously was a lead consultant to IBM on cyber security policy. He is still
a sought-after speaker at conferences on cyber security, Terrorism, National Security, and
Leadership. As commander of 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces, Bucci led deployments to
eastern Africa, South Asia and the Persian Gulf. He also oversaw America’s first use of over the
horizon drone technology while the Defense Attaché in Tirana, Albania. Bucci witnessed the
9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. He worked directly for Rumsfeld daily for five and a half
years. He continued to serve the defense secretary in a succession of posts until retiring from the
Army in 2005 with the rank of colonel and stayed on at the Pentagon as a civilian political. As
deputy assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and defense support to civil
authorities, he was responsible for overseeing policy issues involving the National Guard
domestic operational issues, domestic counterterrorism, and response for natural and manmade
disasters. Bucci is an adjunct professor of leadership at George Mason University. He graduated
in 1977 from the U. S. Military Academy at West Point with a bachelor of science degree in
national security. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees in international relations in
1986 and 1987 from the University of South Carolina. Bucci and his wife, Suzanne, currently
reside in Harbor Springs, MI, and return to Washington, D.C. as needed.

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