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The world of technology and information has changed dramatically in the last twenty years.  Wireless communication and blue tooth devices power the daily lives of billions of people.  Entirely new technologies from drones to driverless vehicles have appeared, and the IoT (Internet of Things) is trying to create a mesh of connectivity that changes every part of daily life.  But the basic detection of dangerous weather still relies on technology installed more than fifty years ago.  Because of this, we still can’t react in real-time to dangerous weather conditions such as tornados. 

Introducing NIMBUSTM the new generation of weather and anomaly detection. NIMBUSTM is a new source for IMMEDIATE, real-time detection, analysis and warning of dangerous weather conditions, creating the potential to detect tornado and other fast-changing weather conditions.  NIMBUSTM is based on new proprietary technology to detect and capture the critical information to be found in  the magnetic fields produced by lightning and storms.  And that’s not all we can detect. Because the accuracy and sensitivity of the NIMBUSTM is so high, with continued development we can create a family of products with the capability to detect small drones, provide advance warning to the military of incoming mortar fire, and automatically disconnect sensitive electronics to protect against lightning surge.  The disruptive power of the NIMBUSTM technology platform and family of products and data fields is slated to improve every part of daily life in the 21st century, and create a new source of quality technology jobs. About Our Team!

  • Groundbreaking proprietary hardware and software technology developed to provide fast analysis, a rich data stream and alert of dangerous anomalies.
  • Originally developed for identifying and tracking lightning and severe weather, the technology can also identify objects, including drones and mortar fire.
  • From 0 to 600-mile radius detection
  • Zero false positives! Smart phones or other devices give off electronic noise which can mislead all other detection devices in the market today. NIMBUS™ knows the difference.
  • Self-Contained Detection – Does not depend on the internet, cellular coverage or satellite.
  • Product options (small portable hand-held device, custom modules, fixed sensors).
  • Can be networked to cover wide areas and deliver alerts by text

Our Company

Weather Detection


Weather Detection is Dangerously Out of Date and Severe Weather is Increasing

Weather effects everyone, everywhere… and it kills.

Over $8 billion dollars is spent on weather equipment, and most of it is inaccurate!
Storms on our planet are getting worse.

Weather information today typically comes from a satellite, which means it’s already old by the time it arrives to you. No tornado detection exists other than people driving around and calling in the report. And when a tornado comes at night…no one can see that…and no one is warned.

  • Over 1000 tornadoes destroy the US each year
  • 100 lightning strikes hit our planet every second.


Accurate Weather Information In The Palm Of Your Hand


Home & Office Protection


FailSafe & Guardian Home and Office DisConnect Technology

  • Global surge protection market exceeded $2 Billion in 2014 and is projected to reach $2.9 Billion by 2019.​
  • Growth is driven by expanding sales of big-screen TVs, home computers, and rapid expansion of “smart” electronics and appliances that are more susceptible to surge damage.​
  • Eliminates false-alarm 911 calls by verifying the threat.
  • Modularized features allow the FailSafe to integrate seamlessly with any current security system.

Threat Detection

Threat Detection and More!

Because Nimbus detects severe weather so well, once fully deployed it will also detect, with zero errors, other airborne threats such as small drones, mortar fire ( and trajectory), sandstorms/brown-out conditions, cloud to cloud lightning, and solar storms.  Nimbus-Net will combine all forms of Nimbus threat detection and notification for citywide alerts via phone app.  Tunneling detection, earthquakes, camp perimeter and sea-port security express the enormity and overarching capabilities this evolutionary threat detection,  Entropy is currently enrolled and pursuing multiple military and government contracts today!

Detection Networks

Large Scale Detection - NIMBUS™ Area Warning System (AWS)

The NIMBUS™AWS system, built around the NIMBUS™20 sensor, offers the capability for extremely accurate local networks to be built that are capable of serving unlimited regions with a simple system of hardware and software.

  • Smart City Network
  • IoT
  • Fixed Sensors
  • Smartphone app
  • Subscription services
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