NIMBUS™ Inventor Explains Latest Storm Detection Technology

Having studied the physical characteristics of severe storm development for over 30 years, Shaver is a pioneer of lightning and storm detection technology with global sales of his previous lightning detection device selling over $3M. Members were educated on his latest hand-held severe weather forecasting tool, that has more capability and expanded range. Floridians attempt to adequately prepare each year for hurricane season. Local weather predictors armed with copious amounts of data, and decades of meteorological studies try to predict severe weather. Despite their earnest efforts, most are best guess scenarios. There are no absolutes, and often create severe thunderstorm warnings that span several counties, that most natives tend to ignore. Entropy Technology Design, Inc is on the verge of releasing yet another gamechanging technology named NIMBUS™. This is hand-held device that uses a patent pending quad core antenna and proprietary software that collects Mother Nature’s sounds caused by magnetic disturbances. These signals found around 10khz are modeled, characterized and observed as the storm develops from its very inception. “It’s the ability to listen for Mother Nature’s warnings that allow NIMBUS™ to provide early warning, even for tornado development, in your immediate area with no false alarms”, says Shaver. His presentation received great response and generated a great deal of technical questions from tech minded operators, some former military and some who also have Electrical Engineering degrees. The overwhelming response sent our meeting into overtime, and many said it was one of the most informative presentations the club had seen. Mr Shaver was invited to come back to the club again, as soon as the product available to customers. This spread of knowledge opened the door for sharing this life saving technology with the National Weather Service, local media, and SKYWARN Severe Weather Spotter’s. But wait, there’s more! NIMBUS™ isn’t just a better VLF receiver with great reception. The technology Mr. Shaver has invented can be used in a plethora of other platforms, both in the civilian and military sectors. Many other VLF signatures can be detected and analyzed, including those created by drones, sandstorms, unmanned autonomous air and undersea vehicles. In addition, once the NIMBUS™ has determined that a threat is imminent, it can also serve as the catalyst to disconnect sensitive electronic equipment. The sky is literally no limit.

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