Entropy Technology Design, Inc.

Real-Time Handheld and Network Weather Detection Products

  • CUAS

Industry Experts in Severe Weather Detection in the palm of your hand.

  • Provide reliable tracking of weather threats.
  • Defined tracking in a denied environment – reliable high probability of detection.
  • Urban / heavily wooded terrain.
  • Provides immediate detection when visibility and noise make detection undependable.
  • Small – inexpensive and reliable – eliminates large “portable” radar systems.
  • Cheaper than audio and radar systems to produce, maintain and invest in future capability.
  • Weather detection for simple integration with home / business security system
  • Mounted “antenna” could be simply added to a home or business security system
  • System looks at electromagnetic fields, no need for clear line of sight to detect the system
  • Expandable into a “picket-line” of intermeshed systems
  • Cheap solution for power and other “at risk” infrastructure
  • No difficult training manuals, easy to operate

NIMBUS™4D Real-Time Local Weather Detection

NIMBUS™20 Main Data Sensor

NIMBUS™20 Main Weather Data Collection Sensor

NIMBUS™ Sensor on Waterproof Drone

NIMBUS™ Submersible Drone Sensor

NIMBUS™ Sensor 8cm x 8cm

NIMBUS™ Sensor - 8 cm x 8 cm

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