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Tampa, Florida: Wednesday, October 10 – Entropy Technology Design, Inc., gained significant interest
at the 2017 Defense Innovation Technology Acceleration Challenge in Tampa presenting their
personal, hand-held airborne threat detection technology. Multiple government and military
organizations are pursuing the company for details, to include a scheduled meeting with the DoD on
Oct 16, 2017, in Arlington, Virginia. Powered by Nimbus™ Technology, based on low-frequency
magnetic field detection, the micro-device provides users with real-time alerts of severe weather,
lightning, pre-tornado conditions, rogue drones, mortar fire, and tunneling out to 3 km without the
need for satellite feeds or external power. Additional key features include notification of distance,
bearing and motion vector.
Dr. Bucci, independent consultant and visiting research fellow for Special Operations and
Counterterrorism at The Heritage Foundation says: “Some of you are saying: ‘OK, I’ll bite. What do
weather, drones and mortars have in common?’” Without going into a ton of heavy science the
solution is low-frequency magnetic fields (LMF). Entropy’s team has applied 30-years of expertise to
create a family of proprietary sensors and analysis software capable of extracting high-resolution
information that will disrupt the way the public receives weather and other threat detection. If it went
no further than this, it would be a major disruptor of the normal threats facing our communities and
the leaders responsible for them, but there is more.
Everyone thinks of drones as a U.S. “Big Military” asset that is only weaponized for our closest allies
and us. Unfortunately, other countries and terror groups overseas and at home need only look at
Amazon’s efforts to use drones to deliver books. birthday gifts, even pizza to realize they can use them
to attack targets, both people and facilities. Nimbus™ technology can provide detection miles from the
• Users can have affordable extreme weather detection in the hands of the local first
responders in time to actually do something to protect their citizens. Businesses can get the
same weather related benefits, and achieve drone awareness / detection with minimum
• Platoon and individual level real-time incoming mortar fire detection and drone incursion
• Tunneling activity can be detected by compiling the Nimbus™ magnetic field data into localarea
• Real-time tornado detection can provide up to an hour of local-area warning and projected
path plots.
• Nimbus™, tuned to the frequencies of the threats facing each different user base would put
radically improved protection/preparation ability in the hands of those that need it…when
they need it.

Nimbus™ changes everything.

About The Company: Entropy Technology Design, Inc. is a woman-owned company based in Tampa,
Florida. For more information visit www.nimbus4.com or contact us at info@entropydesigns.com

Tami Fitzpatrick
Entropy Technology Design, Inc.

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