Entropy Technology Design, Inc.

Entropy Technology Design Among the Nationals Top 25 Selected to Present!
NIMBUS™ Sensor Mounted on Drone

Entropy Technology Design Among the Nationals Top 25 Selected to Present!

Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch)

Washington DC, September 19 2018: Entropy Technology Design, Inc. a Tampa based certified woman-owned technology company founded by Tami Fitzpatrick competed nationally against over 300 companies to win Phase I and Phase II and has been selected for Phase III of the Army xTechSearch Competition. Finalists will attend and compete at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington DC Oct 8-10.
The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT)) announced the Army Expeditionary Technology Search – xTechSearch – to be featured at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., on 8 to 10 October 2018. xTechSearch will highlight opportunities for nontraditional defense partners to collaborate with the Army to tackle the most poignant Army modernization challenges. Up to 12 winners will receive $125,000 and an invitation to Phase IV for $200,000.
The NIMBUS™ VLF magnetic field detection technology combines proprietary hardware and software to capture and analyze low frequency emissions from a variety of threats. The NIMBUS™ was originally developed to provide higher accuracy, real-time detection of severe weather threats. The ability to detect and extract information from VLF signals in real-time allows NIMBUS™ to provide fast detection and warning for a number of threats, including incoming active mortar rounds, small UAVs and SUVs. NIMBUS™ is passive for undetectable operation, compact and capable of operating in a variety of designs, from hand-held personal carry products to drone-mounted modules. The NIMBUS™ adds a new layer of real-time data to a wide range of existing technologies, addressing the new and evolving threats in the 21st century.
Innovator’s Corner – Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch) Booth 2361 – Hall B
Innovator’s Corner highlights the Army’s Expeditionary Technology Search or, ‘xTechSearch’ – to engage with the non-defense traditional business sector, driving American innovation for Army challenges and spurring economic growth. Innovator’s Corner will showcase the xTechSearch semifinalists, (8-9 per day) out of a field of over 300 entrants from across the country. Semifinalists will display and provide formal presentations on their innovative leap-ahead technologies for the Army of the Future in one of the Army’s six modernization priority lines of efforts, Long-Range Precision Fires, Next Generation Combat Vehicle, Future Vertical Lift, The Army Network, Air and Missile Defense and Increasing Soldier Lethality. More information on xTechSearch is available at https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/army-expeditionary-technology-search-xtechsearch/
Contact: Tami Fitzpatrick, CEO Entropy Technology Design www.nimbus4.com (813) 358-2468


NIMBUS™ IMDAR wins Phase I competition of Army xTech Search!

NIMBUS™ IMDAR wins Phase I competition of Army xTech Search!

The U.S. Army is looking to build more relationships with tech startups and other “non-traditional defense partners.”
The Army Expeditionary Technology Search — or xTechSearch — is an initiative of the office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, also known as ASA(ALT).
The goal is to “enhance engagements” with the entrepreneurial community and improve the Army’s understanding of what’s potentially available, while integrating some of these innovators into the military’s tech ecosystem. And there’s a total of $1.95 million up for grabs.
“xTechSearch is a novel approach for linking innovators directly with the Army labs, with a focus on lowering the entrance barriers and spurring innovation,” the challenge page reads.
The prize competition will run in four stages between now and April 2019. The final winner will walk away with $200,000 in addition to intermediate prizes at each stage of the challenge.
The challenge outlines a number of specific “Army modernization priorities.” These include next generation combat vehicles, air and missile defense systems, “soldier lethality” and more. The Army imagines that participant startups might, for example, provide next-generation radar, better soldier protection equipment, gun-based unmanned aircraft systems or the necessary hardware and software to secure tactical communications.
The first stage of the challenge is open to all small businesses interested in pitching “novel technology solutions — a new application for an existing technology or a new technology concept entirely — to the Army.” This stage requires a tech proposal white paper, of under 1,000 words, due by July 11.
The submitted proposals will be judged by team experience, viability and, most importantly, “Potential for Impact/Revolutionizing the Army.”
Up to 125 winners at this stage will get $1,000 and an invitation to move forward with phase two.

PHOTO CREDIT: New York National Guard soldiers clear a M777 Howitzer on Fort Drum in Watertown, New York, on May 22, 2018. (U.S. Army / Spc. Andrew Valenza)

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