The Problem

The US spends $8 Billion annually on weather protection equipment and apps.

Smart homes, intelligent cities and IoT solutions.

Business security systems supported by home/office security providers have gaps in the types of protection offered and in real-time reliability

False alarm 911 calls cost time and money.


High risk weather events are not covered.

No conventional surge protection works on lightning surge.

Lightning surge damage is not covered.


NIMBUS™ Failsafe Guardian Home & Office Automatic DisConnect and Surge Protection System

  • Global surge protection market exceeded $2 Billion in 2014 and is projected to reach $2.9 Billion by 2019.
  • Growth is driven by expanding sales of big-screen TVs, home computers, and rapid expansion of “smart” electronics and appliances that are more susceptible to surge damage.
  • Lightning destroys millions of electronic devices each year in homes, offices, hotels, and facilities around the world and surge protectors are overwhelmed by the intensity of a single lightning strike.
  • Proprietary NIMBUS™ Disconnect Module creates a barrier to whatever device is plugged in, protecting it against powerful electric surges with automatic re-connect after storm passes.
  • Coupled with NIMBUS™ technology & controlled by a base unit, the system prompts the disconnect modules when lightning is nearby, safely removing them from surge damage.

NIMBUS™ FailSafe Home Security

  • Eliminate false-alarm 911 calls by verifying the threat.
  • Integrate seamlessly with any current security system.

Intelligent System Management & Control

Compressors and heavy equipment require time delays for re-start after power loss to avoid motor damage.

NIMBUS™ Management Software

  • SHUTDOWN (in advance of a storm).
  • RESTART (after the storm has passed).
  • Manage critical medical/industrial systems.

NO Electronic Rust or Zombie Power Loss

NIMBUS™ eliminates the incremental damage from repeated low-voltage surges which cause electronic rust.

Real-time disconnect creates option for elimination of zombie power drain.