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NIMBUS™ Inventor Explains Latest Storm Detection Technology

Having studied the physical characteristics of severe storm development for over 30 years, Shaver is a pioneer of lightning and storm detection technology with global sales of his previous lightning detection device selling over $3M. Members were educated on his latest hand-held severe weather forecasting tool, that has more capability and expanded range. Floridians attempt to adequately prepare each year for hurricane season. Local weather predictors armed with copious amounts of data, and decades of meteorological studies try to predict severe weather. Despite their earnest efforts, most are best guess scenarios. There are no absolutes, and often create severe thunderstorm warnings that span several counties, that most natives tend to ignore. Entropy Technology Design, Inc is on the verge of releasing yet another gamechanging technology named NIMBUS™. This is hand-held device that uses a patent pending quad core antenna and proprietary software that collects Mother Nature’s sounds caused by magnetic disturbances. These signals found around 10khz are modeled, characterized and observed as the storm develops from its very inception. “It’s the ability to listen for Mother Nature’s warnings that allow NIMBUS™ to provide early warning, even for tornado development, in your immediate area with no false alarms”, says Shaver. His presentation received great response and generated a great deal of technical questions from tech minded operators, some former military and some who also have Electrical Engineering degrees. The overwhelming response sent our meeting into overtime, and many said it was one of the most informative presentations the club had seen. Mr Shaver was invited to come back to the club again, as soon as the product available to customers. This spread of knowledge opened the door for sharing this life saving technology with the National Weather Service, local media, and SKYWARN Severe Weather Spotter’s. But wait, there’s more! NIMBUS™ isn’t just a better VLF receiver with great reception. The technology Mr. Shaver has invented can be used in a plethora of other platforms, both in the civilian and military sectors. Many other VLF signatures can be detected and analyzed, including those created by drones, sandstorms, unmanned autonomous air and undersea vehicles. In addition, once the NIMBUS™ has determined that a threat is imminent, it can also serve as the catalyst to disconnect sensitive electronic equipment. The sky is literally no limit.

You can find more information on this amazing new technology at www.nimbus4.com
or by contact CTO, Edward Shaver at (813) 428-2050 or eshaver@entropydesigns.com

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NEWS RELEASE! NIMBUS™ technology selected to participate in the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) 2018!


NEWS RELEASE – January 2018

NIMBUS technology selected to participate in the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) 2018!

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport announced in January that Entropy’s NIMBUS™ technology was selected to present in Stennis, Mississippi at the Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command during ANTX 2018 during the week of August 27-31, 2018.

Created for the U.S. Navy to see the future of naval technology in action today and under the authority of the Partnership Intermediary Agreement between NUWC Division Newport and SENEDIA, the theme for ANTX 2018 is “Human-Machine Optimization and Integrated Targeting in Maritime Environments”. Key tasks included identifying science and technologies which can detect, localize, track and/or target undersea assets in littoral environments; 2) human trust in machines to support tactical and operational decisions; 3) wide-area persistent search and 4) technologies for coordination of command and control of heterogeneous and homogeneous group collaboration to provide actionable information.

Entropy has partnered with the Science and Technology in Atmosphere Research (STAR LLC) to create NIMBUS™ MAGNETIC ANOMALY PERIMETER (MAP)

  • The NIMBUS™ MAP is a modular, self-managing system of fixed and UAV-mounted sensors that utilize the NIMBUS™ low-frequency magnetic field sensors and analysis software to establish a flexible, scalable detection perimeter around any fixed or moving water-based asset.
  • The NIMBUS™ sensor system will utilize magnetic field propagation characteristics that create advantages in the detection of submerged and airborne threats. Mounting of the NIMBUS™ sensors on small UAVs allows the sampling of magnetic fields below and above the sea surface boundary. Techniques for using the comparison of both types of magnetic fields may lead to significant advantages in the low-power detection of all unmanned vehicle threats.
  • STAR’s numerical weather prediction system (STAR-NWPTM) will provide highly-localized weather forecasting/analysis at the ocean/atmosphere interface to improve situational awareness while the NIMBUS™ waveform analysis will allow elimination of false positives from both the EMI background and natural weather events such as lightning.

About The Company: Entropy Technology Design is a certified woman-owned software/hardware-driven severe weather and threat detection company. The NIMBUS™ proprietary technology platform detects and alerts users in real-time of severe weather, lightning, tornadoes and other threats such as micro UAV (Drone), incoming mortar fire, sandstorms, and tunneling. For more information visit www.nimbus4.com or contact us at info@entropydesigns.com

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Tampa, Florida: Wednesday, October 10 – Entropy Technology Design, Inc., gained significant interest
at the 2017 Defense Innovation Technology Acceleration Challenge in Tampa presenting their
personal, hand-held airborne threat detection technology. Multiple government and military
organizations are pursuing the company for details, to include a scheduled meeting with the DoD on
Oct 16, 2017, in Arlington, Virginia. Powered by Nimbus™ Technology, based on low-frequency
magnetic field detection, the micro-device provides users with real-time alerts of severe weather,
lightning, pre-tornado conditions, rogue drones, mortar fire, and tunneling out to 3 km without the
need for satellite feeds or external power. Additional key features include notification of distance,
bearing and motion vector.
Dr. Bucci, independent consultant and visiting research fellow for Special Operations and
Counterterrorism at The Heritage Foundation says: “Some of you are saying: ‘OK, I’ll bite. What do
weather, drones and mortars have in common?’” Without going into a ton of heavy science the
solution is low-frequency magnetic fields (LMF). Entropy’s team has applied 30-years of expertise to
create a family of proprietary sensors and analysis software capable of extracting high-resolution
information that will disrupt the way the public receives weather and other threat detection. If it went
no further than this, it would be a major disruptor of the normal threats facing our communities and
the leaders responsible for them, but there is more.
Everyone thinks of drones as a U.S. “Big Military” asset that is only weaponized for our closest allies
and us. Unfortunately, other countries and terror groups overseas and at home need only look at
Amazon’s efforts to use drones to deliver books. birthday gifts, even pizza to realize they can use them
to attack targets, both people and facilities. Nimbus™ technology can provide detection miles from the
• Users can have affordable extreme weather detection in the hands of the local first
responders in time to actually do something to protect their citizens. Businesses can get the
same weather related benefits, and achieve drone awareness / detection with minimum
• Platoon and individual level real-time incoming mortar fire detection and drone incursion
• Tunneling activity can be detected by compiling the Nimbus™ magnetic field data into localarea
• Real-time tornado detection can provide up to an hour of local-area warning and projected
path plots.
• Nimbus™, tuned to the frequencies of the threats facing each different user base would put
radically improved protection/preparation ability in the hands of those that need it…when
they need it.

Nimbus™ changes everything.

About The Company: Entropy Technology Design, Inc. is a woman-owned company based in Tampa,
Florida. For more information visit www.nimbus4.com or contact us at info@entropydesigns.com

Tami Fitzpatrick
Entropy Technology Design, Inc.

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